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Stew Hacks

Stew Hacks


We know what you’re thinking… another list of cleaning tips, flowers and linen. Nope! This is about looking after YOU as a Stew!


Between the constant requests, rushing every minute of every second and all the admin late at night in your cabin, being a stewardess on a superyacht is demanding. Taking care of yourself is essential, so we’ve put a list of our favourite self-care hacks for stews (and crew in general).



Moisturise Those Hands

Your hands are often overlooked but is also what guests and owners see when you serve them their beautiful plate of foie gras and caviar. While we can tell you to drink more water (still important!) having a good moisturiser will help keep your hands nourished after all that cleaning.



Bend Your Knees

Pushing that vacuum around all day, mopping on your knees, picking up heavy objects, lifting ropes, and carrying supplies – it’s a physical job. Ensure you’re bending your knees, engaging your core and using correct lifting techniques to take that pressure off your back and avoid injury.



SPF and Sun Protection

One thing you know in yachting, is that you’re sure to be spending time out in the sun. Even if you’re working in the interior or galley, you’ll likely be spending your days or hours off, soaking in the beautiful med, Caribbean or Pacific sunshine. Use a broad spectrum or SPF daily moisturiser to ensure you’re protecting your skin from harmful rays and sun damage.



Look After Your Feet

Working on yachts, you are guaranteed to be on your feet all day. Prioritise your foot care. Try propping your feet up with cushions while you sleep or keep them raised for 15mins during your break. Give your feet a massage when you can, particularly through the arch of your feet and even up to your calves, to release tension. Comfort is something to keep in mind when selecting shoes for crew uniforms.




Don’t forget to switch off and take a moment for yourself. As hard as it is, try your hardest to get quality downtime. Turn your computer off, read a book, practice some yoga, spend some time outside, rest your body and resist the pull of your phone. The goal is to unwind and recover.




Working on yachts is demanding and if you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll risk burning out. By taking some time to focus on your mental and physical health, you can work towards a balanced, sustainable career in the industry.

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