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Brand Journey

Anchors & Dove 

 Launching in 2016, Anchors & Dove started with a uniform range for crew on luxury super yachts. The collection was a fresh take on uniforms with modern scoop necks, chic skorts, tailored dresses, classic polos, walk shorts and more.  

Gaining success with their signature Tiered Skort, Anchors & Dove started offering bespoke designs that were contemporary, nautical and stylish. Blending technical fabrics with great fits, the range continues to grow in strength.  

While yachting remains at its core; opportunities have presented for hotels, marine offices, yachting clubs and other service industries who are looking to breathe new life and style into their uniforms. Partnerships with yachting suppliers and agents also continues to grow through our wholesale channels.  

Based in Sydney Australia, we ship all over the world with trusted courier, shipping and postal services. We have the expertise, knowledge and service focus to deliver great uniforms efficiently.  

Contact us and see how we can meet your uniform needs or become a trusted A&D supplier.