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Bespoke and Semi Bespoke Uniforms


For a truly unique range to come to life, we start and end with you and your team. Our bespoke uniforms are created with your specific needs, flair and styling in mind. With our first hand knowledge and understanding we have a wealth of experience in designing and executing a range from conception to delivery.

All aspects are taken care of by our dedicated team from fabrics, patterns, product testing, production management through to delivery. Our clear process and organised management systems will ensure a smooth process that is fun and enjoyable. The results will be sure to impress.

Let our team take care of your team. Speak to us today and see how we can meet your unique needs through our exclusive bespoke service.

Semi Bespoke

See something but it would like to add or remove something? Love it even more by tweaking our current styles to get it just right. Add a pocket, remove belt loops, got a specific colour in mind or a different fabric?

We have a wide range of possibilities and sourcing is a specialty of ours. We love a challenge and believe we have the expertise to deliver. 

bespoke and semi bespoke uniforms