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Anchors & Dove Blog

Uniform Inventory

Uniform Inventory

Always a nightmare, never fun, but completely essential. We’re fairly sure completing a uniform inventory is one of the more tedious tasks but without it, you’ll be left with gaping holes of sizes and scrambling to purchase outside of budget and lead times.


Yes, organisation is key (que eye roll) but how does a stew effectively inventory and keep a running record of what you have and what you will need to purchase.


So gather round the crew, pump some music and let the counting begin!



Your best way to kick start the process is to pull everything out and start from fresh. Hot tip: clean all shelving before placing everything back on. Nothing worse than pulling out a dust bunny with your polo top.

Ensure you have included any items that are being laundered or anything that has been purchased and is being delivered.



Look at your space and have a think about your layout. Will you organise according to size or style, outfits or service type? Depending on how much space you have (probably not a lot), consider how often things get pulled out or how frequently outfits are rotated.



Round up available crew to assist and organise your team into counters, recorders and folders – dedicated crew members to counts the items, record the count (on computer or paper) and folds all the items back into neat piles.

More realistically, if you’re the “chosen one” the Chief Stew relegates inventory to; set yourself up into a production line.

Organise items into tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories type of categories.

Use a spreadsheet or take notes of the items you have and the sizes to input the count.


Use coloured sticker dots to signify items that have been counted so you don’t get confused and count items twice.


Once you’ve got your space layout sorted, using wardrobe labels or dividers like these can help keep the organisation intact. We know it’s a tall order at times.



Place a diagram plan of the layout on the door or the front of the wardrobe. That way you don’t need to remember where it’s located, and it makes it more accessible for everyone else.

Have you got an organisation system worthy of wardrobe porn? Share it with us on Instagram.

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Stew Hacks

Stew Hacks


We know what you’re thinking… another list of cleaning tips, flowers and linen. Nope! This is about looking after YOU as a Stew!


Between the constant requests, rushing every minute of every second and all the admin late at night in your cabin, being a stewardess on a superyacht is demanding. Taking care of yourself is essential, so we’ve put a list of our favourite self-care hacks for stews (and crew in general).



Moisturise Those Hands

Your hands are often overlooked but is also what guests and owners see when you serve them their beautiful plate of foie gras and caviar. While we can tell you to drink more water (still important!) having a good moisturiser will help keep your hands nourished after all that cleaning.



Bend Your Knees

Pushing that vacuum around all day, mopping on your knees, picking up heavy objects, lifting ropes, and carrying supplies – it’s a physical job. Ensure you’re bending your knees, engaging your core and using correct lifting techniques to take that pressure off your back and avoid injury.



SPF and Sun Protection

One thing you know in yachting, is that you’re sure to be spending time out in the sun. Even if you’re working in the interior or galley, you’ll likely be spending your days or hours off, soaking in the beautiful med, Caribbean or Pacific sunshine. Use a broad spectrum or SPF daily moisturiser to ensure you’re protecting your skin from harmful rays and sun damage.



Look After Your Feet

Working on yachts, you are guaranteed to be on your feet all day. Prioritise your foot care. Try propping your feet up with cushions while you sleep or keep them raised for 15mins during your break. Give your feet a massage when you can, particularly through the arch of your feet and even up to your calves, to release tension. Comfort is something to keep in mind when selecting shoes for crew uniforms.




Don’t forget to switch off and take a moment for yourself. As hard as it is, try your hardest to get quality downtime. Turn your computer off, read a book, practice some yoga, spend some time outside, rest your body and resist the pull of your phone. The goal is to unwind and recover.




Working on yachts is demanding and if you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll risk burning out. By taking some time to focus on your mental and physical health, you can work towards a balanced, sustainable career in the industry.

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6 tips to ace your table setting

6 tips to ace your table setting

Food and dining are a key part of guest experience onboard any yacht. Beyond the obvious expectations of our wonderful Chefs, the delivery of this experience lies with the Interior team. Each meal is like a mini event - theming, timings, service. The importance of a table setting can’t be overstated. It can turn a great meal into an unforgettable experience.

We spoke to our resident expert on all things interior, Mischa from The Sassy Napkin (…. oh and former chief stew and Interior ops consultant!), to get her tips on acing your table and theming.

Versatile props

You’re on a ship in the middle of nowhere, so we know that storage space is an absolute premium. Investing in decorative pieces that can be used for a number of different themes and settings is one way to make the most of your space. Not only that, it’s more sustainable as we’re all looking to reuse and reduce our environmental impact. Double win!

Wow them with a fancy napkin fold

Hop on YouTube and Pinterest to learn some napkin folds that will blow their socks off. It elevates the table and can be used as another element of decor. The best folds will have guests guessing how on earth you managed to create this beautiful masterpiece and the attention to detail will pull your theme together.

Don't be a afraid of colour

Premium doesn’t equal neutral and monotone colours. Colours can set the tone for the entire experience. Go with a bold colour to make a statement, beachy tones for a relaxed setting, or a variety of colours for fun and frivolity (think Hawaiian luau, mexican fiesta, summer party vibe). 

Keeping it fresh

Elevate your setting by adding fresh elements and textures. Think fruits, vegetables and herbs. One of our favourites is lemons - cheap and easy to source, and adds a vibrant and fresh touch of yellow. If time permits, consider using fresh greenery and flowers. Any good florist will work with you on ideas to create a masterpiece for your guests.

Planning is key

Stews don’t need to be told, but we’ll say it anyway. For a truly spectacular setting, your planning needs to be well executed. Mood boards, logistics, theme items - the right combination of elements will transport your guests to somewhere else entirely. Monstera leaves, coconuts, Hawaiian shirts and leis, paired with ukelele music and suddenly the guests feel like they’re in Hawaii.

Don’t forget the little guests

If there are children coming onboard, find out their favourite books, movies or games and try to surprise them with a themed evening. Of course the more time you have the better, but sometimes you can create something wonderful with very little notice.

Table settings don’t need to be complicated to be effective. Some of the best have the most simple elements, executed well, with a touch of creativity. Let us know your tips below. 

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